Terms & Conditions



  • A 50% deposit or agreed deposit payment is required immediately to secure an order.  A verbal booking does not secure an order until a deposit has been paid or cheque cleared.  The first £100.00 of the deposit is non-refundable once order has been confirmed.

  • Where a change of the required date is required your deposit will follow the same conditions as above.

  • I will notify you when your payment has been received and space reserved.  Please ensure all further payments are made on time. 

  • The payment balance is due 1 calendar month before delivery.

  • Payments can be made by Bank transfer, cash or cheque.  PayPal is available but will have an additional transaction charge of 3.4%.

  • Wedding cake orders cancelled with less than 1 calendar months’ notice 50% of the total order will be refunded.  Orders cancelled with less than 2 weeks’ notice there will be no refund due of the invoice amount, any outstanding payments will be due immediately.​




  • I usually require at least two weeks’ notice for sponge cakes.  Fruit cakes need maturing so therefore I require three months advance notice.

  • I accept orders via email or telephone but the order is not confirmed until a deposit has been made and cleared.  Payments can be made by Bank transfer, cash or cheque.  PayPal is available but will have an additional transaction charge of 3.4%.

  • A50% deposit, or agreed deposit payment is required at the time of order; the balance is due on or before the day of collection.  This can either be Bank transfer, cash or cheque before collection having cleared.  PayPal is available but will have an additional transaction charge of 3.4%.

  • For cakes being delivered and set-up at an event the remaining balance is due 7 days prior to delivery.

  • If you cancel 4 weeks before the date of your event the deposit is fully refundable.  After this it will be non-refundable.




Cake storage, packaging and handling

  • All cakes are presented on a drum or cake board and packed in a standard grade cake box.  I do not provide cake stands for wedding or other cakes.

  • For optimal freshness, I will only give a 3 day use-by guarantee for sponge cakes from date of delivery or collection.

  • Cakesickles will have a use-by date on the delivery note.  For optimal freshness I give a 1 week use-by guarantee if kept in a fridge from date of despatch.

  • When transporting a cake it is best carried in the luggage area which is usually the flattest/most level part of a vehicle.  Never place the cake on a non-level surface or seat, by doing so your cake may not arrive in one piece.

  • Never hold the cake board or transport box from the sides, always place your hands under the board or box.

  • Tiered cakes and cakes with sugar models are fragile so ensure you plan your journey using the smoothest route.

  • I accept no responsibility for the physical condition of the cake once it has been collected and left my premises.

  • Keep the cake in a cool dark area away from any source of heat or sunlight.  Never refrigerate a cake unless advised to do so by myself.



  • Due to the numerous combinations of size, finish, shape and complexity it is impossible to standardise a price.  The majority of the price is made up of the time taken on decoration and finishing details and the size of the cake.

  • An estimated price can be quoted during an enquiry.  A fully confirmed price will be given at the time of order.

  • Variations or changes to the order by the customer after the confirmed price will necessitate re-quoting.



  • I will deliver and assemble and decorate the cake on the day, provided I have received the full payment as stated in the T's & C's.

  • It is important that the delivery address details are correct.  In the event of an incorrect address being given I cannot be held responsible for any late delivery.

  • When you know where your cake will be displayed at the venue, instructions should be given beforehand as to where the cake should be displayed or please ensure there is someone there to inform me.

  • Once the cake is delivered, decorated and assembled, the cutting, serving and storage of the cake at the venue becomes the responsibility of the client, but I am happy to advise you on this prior to the occasion.

  • I accept no liability for loss or damage that might occur after I have delivered and assembled the cake.

  • I operate the following delivery charges for travel to and from the event:

  • First 15 miles £1.00 per mile

  • 15 to 30 miles £0.85 per mile 

  • 31 miles onwards £0.75 per mile 

  • There is a minimum charge for wedding cake delivery and setup within 7.5 miles (15 miles round trip) of £15.00.

  • Delivery within the M25 will incur a minimum charge of £100.00 plus the mileage charges.

  • Where delivery has been arranged  the client needs to ensure that someone will be available to accept the cake. Where no one is available to accept the delivery it will be returned to my premises and the client will have to make their own arrangements to get it collected at a time which is mutually convenient.



Nuts are occasionally stored at my premises and used for specific cakes, eg. Fruit cakes and coffee and walnut cakes.  Excluding these, my premises is a nut free environment, however, occasionally I use additional ingredients from external suppliers and although I try to ensure there are no added nut products most suppliers may mention that due to manufacturing processes traces of nut may be present Fruit cakes always contain nuts.


Cake presentation

  • Each cake is finished by hand so exact replicas of my previously produced cakes cannot always be achieved and some slight variations may be present.

  • I do not copy other designers cakes directly, they will be my interpretation of the design.

  • My interpretation of you requirements may necessitate minor changes to your specification as some requirements may not be possible for the cake size selected.

  • I can produce gluten free, dairy free and vegan cakes on request.

  • Cakes with sugar models are representations of a character and will not be lifelike replicas.

  • Models and characters although made from sugar should not be consumed as they may contain non edible items for additional support, unless I have informed otherwise. 

  • Tiered and large cakes may contain plastic supporting dowels. These need to be removed before consumption and you will notified of this on your invoice, therefore you need to take reasonable steps to ensure your caterer and or the person responsible for serving the cake is made aware of.